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How to integrate Maori and Indigenous teachings into your Spiritual Warrior Training

Spiritual Warriors Are Being Called

By 2030, incredible Earth changes will have occurred.

Climate crashing, biosphere dead-zones, human compression inside larger cities, economic tensions. More global conflict. Conversely a shift in human consciousness begins.

The emergence of the Spirit Warriors. Not combatants nor mercenaries but ones who have walked through the cold darkness and burning fire of the self. To stand as the shields. Not needing to bear arms yet armed with life experience. Scabbards empty and hands upraised.

You are the weapon wielded by a greater force than you alone. An instrument for a greater calling.

These Maori Warrior teachings draw from a compilation of video footage based on traditional Maori weaponry with modern adaptations.

The author was a former New Zealand Army Officer and Adviser to New Zealand Army Chief on integration of Maori traditional practices into New Zealand Army in 1994. Filmed in 2006 but finally released again in 2022, 10 years after 2012 years incubation. Now in his 50s, the author now comments as an older wiser man while observing his younger self explain and perform the movements. He also adds in newer footage, text and commentary to reflect the passing of time. For the younger and older viewer.

The Elder and Younger Self

Course Curriculum

  Philosophy - My Masters Thesis on Nature Teachings of Maori Warfare
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  Base 2 - Ai (Seed ) Movements that flower into Warrior Forms
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  Base 3 - Warrior Forms for Protection, Healing And Peace
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Your Instructor

Hirini Reedy
Hirini Reedy

A former NZ Army Officer of Maori ancestry. Hirini grew up in very rural Maori environment below Mountain Hikurangi on East Coast of New Zealand. The first mountain to see the Sun. A spiritual man who is trained in indigenous martial & healing arts from Polynesian/Asian schools, Hirini served as Aide-de-Camp to Governor-General and adviser to Chief of NZ Army where he was instrumental in introducing Ngati Tumatauenga - Maori warrior traditions into New Zealand Army in 1994. A Masters of Philosophy and Honours in Civil Engineering, Hirini leads a very minimalist life as a modern eco-warrior-pilgrim who consults, contracts and volunteers his services in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and Pacifica.
He walked the entire length of New Zealand, over 2200 km as part of his Aio Koa Spiritual Warrior Philosophy.

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